2017 Burn Belly Fat fast

Burn Belly Fat (Even Faster) | BellyProof 2017

An alternative approach to burn belly fat and get your incredible your own body transformation before and after result.
The video shows a 5 week dated PROOF for the body transformation program which is available at https://bellyproof.com

A 5-6 weeks body transformation aimed at losing belly fat faster, getting you shredded with science, the natural way.

We “target” belly fat by making sure it’s less resistant, making it more accessible and easier to burn. More before and afters for this method are available as proof on the website – ripped bodies and all in 5-6 weeks!

A unique approach that doesn’t rely on calorie counting but instead relies on your gut health, sequencing the exercise you do so you break fat before burning it and get a more targeted workout and get your shredded. Lastly, we optimize every aspect so that we target receptors on belly fat (such as cortisol and alpha-2 receptors), lower Insulin and naturally help the body increase the secretion of hormones that help us both break and burn fat.

BellyProof represents the next big leap in weight loss science and intermittent fasting results. The ultimate online training for the ultimate body transformation.

You can see the video proof (asking the phone for the date on live camera) at 01:46

We get into the science shortly after:
“The cold belly” and blood circulation subject – 03:35
Lipolysis (Fat Breaking) – 04:29
The problem with counting calories – 5:16
Unique receptors relevant to stubborn belly fat – 06:03
Estrogen, Testosterone and the connection to belly fat – 06:38
General or specific, diving beyond the basics – 07:16
Mobility vs Flexibility and how challenging stability results in burning fat faster – 07:40
It your turn – 08:20

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The health industry is saturated with traditional methods to get fit and lose fat which are outdated and slow. from a 3 week diet to running non-stop. the lack of fundamental understanding of the biological science available is astounding.

This is not just a “starve yourself” keto before and after. We dig deep into healthy nutrition, exercise and how to do things smarter. This is bellyproof!

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